Sunday, November 15, 2009

I am a 2nd Grade Teacher!

Exciting news...As of Tuesday Morning I am now a second grade teacher at Julia B. Morrison Elementary School. Praise the LORD!!! What an answer to prayer. Many of you know that I completed my credential program last December and began to sub in the La Mirada Norwalk School District. I started giving out my resume to any school district that would take it, but did not get any responses. During the summer I decided to begin placing my resume with companies outside of the education realm in hopes to get a full time job. At the end of July I recieved a phone call from a private charter school for an administrative assistant position. I interviewed with two people but I did not get the job. When I realized I did not get the job, my heart sank. So many questions ran through my head throughout the summer: "I am I really suppose to teach? Should I move on to another profession? Why have I sacrifice to become a teacher, when there is not a job for me? Why haven't I heard from any district?"
By the end of September I had many teachers calling me to sub. I finially had enough work at Morrison that I worked 3-5 days a week. About two weeks ago the principal at Morrison pulled me into her office to talk. She told me that something was in the works for me and that I should not make any long term plans. My heart jumped. Could it be my turn? Last Tuesday morning I walked onto Morrison's campus ready to sub for the rest of the week, not realizing that God had a bigger plan for me. Marsha pulled into her office again. She looked at me and said, "Dawnel you have a job for the rest of the year! There is a second grade opening and We would like for you to fill that position." All I kept thinking the rest of the day was, "Wow!! I have a job for the rest of the year! Thank you God!" I have a great challenge ahead of me- Get these twenty students up to grade level by June. I am excited to conquer this challenge and am looking forward to teaching these children. Thank you all for your prayers.